Post Week 2 Reflections

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Week 2 of the NFL season brought about a lot of drama. There were wild finishes in Atlanta and Denver, catastrophic injuries for the Saints and Steelers, and plenty of other interesting results across the NFL. Here are some of my thoughts after Week 2’s action.

  • The San Francisco 49ers look very nice so far this season. Their young defense already looks impressive and on offense, this team has a lot of speed. Offensive mastermind Kyle Shanahan has a lot of impressive weapons to work with, including speedsters Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert. These two sliced through the Bengals’ defense and it will be intriguing to watch them going forward.
  • The Titans continue to be maddingly inconsistent. One week they dominate the Browns on the road and the next, they blow a game to Jacoby Brissett at home. They are putrid in following up big wins and that is going to prevent them from really becoming a factor in the championship chase.
  • I love the Buffalo Bills. This team is well-coached, especially defensively, and Josh Allen has elite quarterback potential. He has played solid so far this season and the Bills finally have a competent passing game. The receivers were open a bunch vs the Giants and with an easy schedule going forward, this team should be a Wild Card contender. I will discuss the Bills in more detail next week.
  • Russell Wilson is a phenomenal quarterback, but if Seattle is going anywhere, he always must be because the defense has struggled so far this season. They were torched by Andy Dalton two weeks ago and they let unproven Mason Rudolph have a big second half against them. Seattle is good but the defense must step up if Seattle is going to progress any further than the Wild Card round and take the next step from last season.
  • Kansas City is like a real-life Madden game. Throwing the ball downfield with ease at the hands of a quarterback who produced insane ratings. I can’t wait to see them compete against the new and improved Lamar Jackson next week.
  • I hate seeing bad football, but I hate seeing poor game management and undisciplined messes even more. Three examples stood out:
    • Marcus Mariota spiking the ball twice in four downs was a poor decision as it leaves very little margin for error and it backfired.
    • The Chargers losing to Detroit is inexcusable. Their ineptitude can be summed up in their drive early in the third quarter up 10-6. Two touchdowns getting called back due to penalties, then fumbling the ball at the one yard-line is a brutal way to blow a valuable seven points. These are the kind of losses that can be the difference between a playoff-berth and not making the playoffs.
    • Kirk Cousins chucking up the ball into triple coverage vs the Packers ended up costing Minnesota the game. Why are quarterbacks forcing passes into the endzone? This has already happened three times this season with Trubisky, Rivers, and Cousins all doing this. Quarterbacks need to be smarter and realize you cannot win games by forcing the issue like this.
  • Relax, the Eagles will be fine. They barely lost at a good Falcons team, and that was without their top two wide receivers.   


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