Monday Reflections – Week 1

Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season has so far brought about plenty of drama, blowouts and unexpected results. Here are some of my thoughts after Sunday’s action.

  • The Cleveland Browns are an undisciplined mess. 18 penalties for 182 yards is unacceptable. While Baker did struggle, it is hard to win games with that many penalties. They could be like the Jim Schwartz’ Detroit Lions, where they have a lot of talent, but they are an underachieving an undisciplined mess.
  • The Titans have a great secondary and if the offense can produce like it did yesterday, they could make the playoffs.
  • Dalvin Cook looked like a track athlete running against the Falcons. It is huge to see because if Cook continues to be a dynamic threat in the running game, then they won’t need to rely on Kirk Cousins to win games like they did last year. Let’s see how they do against a legit defense in the Green Bay Packers next Sunday.
  • San Francisco is lucky to have George Kittle. He is as much as a security blanket as there is in the NFL. He is the only reason San Francisco wasn’t completely terrible on offense versus the Buccaneers.
  • Speaking of the Buccaneers, Jameis Winston is still awful and is the same quarterback. The team and Winston haven’t improved at all in the last couple years and 2016 was the only time the Bucs had a solid, all-around team.
  • The Cowboys offense looked as good as I have seen since the Romo-Murray-Dez 2014 season. They were explosive and creative, which was not a way to describe the Scott Linehan tenure, especially the last two years.
  • Stop playing scared against the Patriots. To beat the best, you must take risks. Pittsburgh kicking a field at the one-yard line down 20-0 early in the third quarter is inexcusable.
  • Stop with the undefeated talk. It is only Week 1 and there are at least several teams better than the Steelers. I lived through 2007, and I can say it’s nearly impossible to achieve 19-0. Let’s wait until they beat the Cowboys and Eagles first.
  • Tonight will be very telling for all 4 teams. How will Joe Flacco perform for the Broncos, how will the newly revamped Raiders look, how will the Saints come out vs the Texans, and how will the Texans new-look secondary and offensive line perform?

Photo via AP Photo/Ron Schwane

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