Spider-Man’s potential exit from the MCU should have you chucking your PS4 out a window

If there was one thing Sony has done well since their inception, it is the path of destruction brought onto one of the most beloved Marvel heroes, Spider-Man. Sony Pictures has brought five films and two different storylines for Peter Parker to the big screen in the 21st century. Sam Raimi’s first two attempts were masterpieces and then Sony chimed in and said, “No, Raimi, we are taking full creative control for the third film because your first two were too awesome for our brand”. Thus, gave us the horrendous and cringeworthy Spider-Man 3 followed by the ghastly reboots in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The only way that Spider-Man was ever going to get a respectful movie or casting is if the character was passed over to Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. We were finally given a great Peter Parker when the amazing Tom Holland made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. From that film on, we knew that this was the best film adaptation of Peter Parker. Homecoming and Far From Home were the most faithful to the comics by bringing out the nerdy high schooler that Parker is. The MCU was on their way to making Spider-Man their new focus and completing a near-perfect trilogy, but Sony may get greedy and strip that away from us.

The dispute between Sony and Disney is the revenue split that Disney is asking for. Disney/Marvel wants a 50/50 split over the only FIVE PERCENT that they agreed to in their original deal. Sony should be bowing down to Marvel for making a 100 times better Spider-Man than they could ever conjure up. Marvel deserves more than fifty percent of the film gross and Sony deserves pretty much nothing because they have killed the character of Spider-Man three times. Do they not know the rule that it is three strikes and you are out? If this deal does not come through on a positive in that keeps Holland with the MCU, it will create a ripple effect that will destroy both Marvel and Sony. Marvel fans will boycott Sony Pictures and not buy a ticket for any Sony-led Spider-Man films. Marvel will lose out on their second-highest-grossing active character behind Black Panther and future phases and Avengers films would have major changes. Please Marvel and Sony, get this deal done. We need our Tom Holland to remain in the MCU.

Whatever it takes.

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