Young Thug discovers rock bottom with problematic ‘So Much Fun’ project

Young Thug, a.k.a. Jeffery Williams is an Atlanta rapper who has been rising up the ranks of the trap scene with numerous mixtapes such as the I Came From Nothing and Slime Season trilogies and his best project to date, Jeffery. I have always been mixed on Thugger. The substance of his lyricism bogs down to what you would hear on any generic trap record these days. The song “Lifestyle” was my introduction to Young Thug and it is still, to this day, one of the worst songs I have ever listened to. I would rather be placed in solitary confinement for 24 hours than listen to Young Thug’s offensive vocal performance. However, I did enjoy his 2018 EP, On the Rvn. Young Thug’s exuberant flow separates him from the average mumble rapper and yes, while I can barely understand half of Thugger’s music, his flow at least can keep me awake and grab my attention. Unfortunately, this new project, So Much Fun, may be one of the vilest and most disgusting albums I have ever listened to.

When you notice in the promotion for this album that J. Cole would be the producer of this project, my curiosity hit a peak and I was actually excited to give this thing a listen. The problem with the production though is that nothing sounds like a J. Cole track. Nearly every instrumental on this project is surface-level and recycled. There are some highlights with “Jumped Out the Window” and “The London” but that is it. I was brought back down to earth once I saw the features on this project, which was the moment that I lost all hope on the chance of a high-quality album. Lil Baby, Gunna, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and NAV all have significant time on this project to spew out more sludge from the sewers of the rap world. Young Thug, for some reason, attempts to mimic the flows of the artist making a guest appearance on these tracks. “Bad Bad Bad” turns Young Thug into Lil Baby and on “What’s The Move” he nearly pulls off that squeaky autotuned vocal that has made Lil Uzi popular. The lyrics are trite, vapid, and so grotesque that I felt the need to shower after listening to it. Every song details some type of sexual act performed or performed by Thugger or a guest. On “Jumped Out The Window”, Young Thug also implies that former NBA player, Robert Horry has only won five NBA titles, but he won seven. Do your research, Young Thug. On “I Bought Her”, Lil Duke decides to pronounce the letters V-I-P as vip, thinking that it was going to generate a clever rhyme. When the lyrics are not detailing sex acts, every other line involves buying jewelry, buying things for his b***h or doing drugs.

So Much Fun was an awful experience to delve into. This project has no place within the rap world and it will be 62 minutes wasted of any sober person’s time because the only way this album can be enjoyed is if you habitually ingest Xanax or Percocets.

Richest Tracks: “The London”, “Big Tipper”, “Circle of Bosses”

Worst Tracks: “Sup Mate”, “Lil Baby”, “I Bought Her”, “Cartier Gucci Scarf”

Rating: 2.5/10

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