Quick Reviews: Rick Ross, Blueface, Trippie Redd, Clairo

“Quick Reviews” is the newest segment to come to the site. This segment is going to be for weeks where we have multiple projects that I did not feel deserving of a full-length review or do not know enough about a particular artist. Unfortunately, that is the case for this week with lackluster albums from rappers, Blueface, Rick Ross, and Trippie Redd. Clairo made her debut with Immunity but I do not know enough about her to put into 400 words. Let’s get into it.

Port of Miami 2 – Rick Ross

The tenth studio album from Miami rapper, Rick Ross is one of his more impressive projects. Unfortunately, that is not saying much as most of his discography is carved up of filler after filler track. Ross does not take any new direction or sound and it is not a project that you have not heard already in this trap era. As I said before, Rozay does overstay his welcome with numerous fillers on this project. He does not have anything up his sleeve that is worth listening to for 66 minutes. Wale, Nipsey Hussle, and Teyana Taylor provide quality features. Summer Walker links with Ross on a corny and bland pop-rap track that masks itself as an R&B song. On the track, “Nobody’s Favorite”, Gunplay provides offensive-to-the-ear vocals on his feature. On a positive note, there are some real bangers such as “Turnpike Ike”, and “Vegas Residency”. Overall, it is a project that is listenable for the surface-level rap ear.

Richest Tracks: “Act a Fool”, “Turnpike Ike”, “Rich N***a Lifestyle, “Vegas Residency”

Worst Track: “Summer Reign”

Rating: 5/10

Dirt Bag – Blueface

The greatest lyricist of all-time has dropped an EP titled Dirt Bag. While I may be sarcastic in the previous statement, I do find Blueface very entertaining with his off-putting flow and humorous one-liners, regardless of his lack of cleverness or witty rhymes. “Bussdown” is one of the highlights on this EP. The piano chords over the trap instrumental are entertaining to listen to while Blueface does Blueface. Offset provides a solid verse, which is rare for a Migos member. While “Disrespectful” lacks any hard-hitting shots at anyone in particular, the line “On my mom and sis’, had to kick my own blood out. They must have forgot I was a crip” will go down as the most memorable seconds of this project and overused as a caption on social media posts. The rest of this project is forgettable. “Daddy” has a hilarious hook but the verses do not provide any substance or humor. Whether you hate Blueface or not, he is going to find ways to be entertaining no matter the level of effort he puts in.

Richest Tracks: “Bussdown”, “Disrespectful”, “Daddy”

Worst Track: “Dirt Bag”

Rating: 5/10

! – Trippie Redd

2018 was a solid year for the Ohio/Atlanta rapper with his full-length debut, Life’s A Trip, followed by one of his best works, A Love Letter to You 3. Trippie Redd decided to take 50 steps back with this new album. THIS ALBUM WAS BAD. VERY BAD. A rapper that is known for his aggression in delivery and flow decided to toss that out the window and go with a safe, glittery, mostly processed production with the tamest version of Trippie Redd that you can get. Nothing on this project is worth giving a listen to. I am done discussing that belongs in an incinerator.

Rating: 2/10

Immunity – Clairo

This was the highly-anticipated debut from indie-pop singer, Claire Cottrill. On this project, she discusses acceptance of her sexuality, relationships, and self-discovery. There are some moments that take a dark turn in her mindset, especially on the track, “Closer To You”, but when combined with glittery lo-fi production and beautiful singing from Clairo, it all molds into a unit that provides a positive outcome in terms of emotion once you reach the end of the project. Most of the tracks should be enjoyable for the public that does listen to her but I cannot relate to any of the expressed emotion or experiences displayed throughout this project nor can I say that I will come back to this album for a second listen. Do not let that turn you away from this album. This is still a very solid debut from Clairo and I am excited for what she brings to the table next.

Richest Tracks: “Closer To You”, “Bags”, “Softly”, “Sofia”, “Sinking”

Worst Track: “White Flag

Rating: 6/10


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