Hear me out: From LA Clippers to Inglewood Aviators

With Steve Ballmer’s unveiling for a brand new arena for the Clippers in the city of Inglewood and a potential rebrand of the franchise, I started giving some thought as to what I believed would be the best way the Clippers could become the embodiment of the area that they will be moving to. I think I may have discovered that name for my beloved team: Inglewood Aviators. As someone who was born in Inglewood and raised adjacent to one of the most recognizable names in Los Angeles County, here are my justifications on why this would be the perfect rebrand for the Clippers.

Inglewood is near LAX and home to multiple aeronautic centers

As I have driven through Inglewood for years going to my siblings’ athletic events, I observed multiple buildings that are dedicated to aviation and engineering. The Aviators would be a great way to attract the true LA native and those that work at nearby airports and facilities. With Inglewood’s proximity to LAX and practically being the first place you enter when you visit LA, what better way to promote a team than having numerous “Inglewood Aviators’ advertisements strewn through one of the busiest airports in the world. Aviation is one of the great prides for the westside of LA and would make perfect sense for a re-branding team moving to Inglewood.

Taking on Inglewood name over keeping LA untethers franchise from Lakers

Ever since the Clippers have moved to LA, they have been bullied by Laker nation and referred to as the little brothers in the city. For as massive as LA County is, becoming the Inglewood Aviators instead of the LA Aviators would break that dynamic from the Lakers, allowing the Clippers to form their own identity and grow their roots in the city. The Downtown LA/Hollywood fantasy of the city can belong to the Lakers, while the Clippers can take on the true heart and soul of it.

Inglewood Aviators does not come off as corny or a gimmick

I have seen some potential names thrown out like the Los Angeles Stars or California Coast, but they would just make the franchise look ridiculous. By any means necessary, they cannot become the Los Angeles Beaches because you already know how their rivals are going to send that nickname into vulgar purgatory. Ballmer needs to stray away as much as possible from how LA is viewed from outside and embrace the roots of this city. Do not be Hollywood; be Los Angeles.

In conclusion…

I have all the faith that Steve Ballmer will find the best-fitting rebrand for the Clippers. He has rebuilt the franchise after a tumultuous run following the ugly breakups with Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Blake Griffin. Five years from now, this franchise can become THE sports hotbed of LA. With the meat of the NBA season taking place after the NFL season, Inglewood would be the new hotspot for sports in LA over STAPLES Center(sorry Kings, but you can move here as well though if you choose). “Inglewood Aviators” rolls off the tongue perfectly and would be an iconic brand name for the city of Los Angeles.

If the name I suggest does not suffice for you, what would you re-brand the Clippers to?


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