‘The Big Day’ brings nothing of interest towards Chance the Rapper’s artistry

Chicago’s golden boy, Chance the Rapper, has made his return to the rap game following a three-year hiatus. I have yet to give a listen to the 10 Day or Acid Rap mixtapes as they were just recently added to streaming services. Coloring Book was a solid mixtape that was heavily influenced by gospel and soul. However, The Big Day is the official debut, full-length album from the A-list rapper. Going into this project, I was optimistic about the quality of work. I am a sucker for some soulful vibes but what holds Chance back is the lack of discussing intriguing topics when he gets religious. On Coloring Book, Chance transformed into a gospel artist on tracks such as “Blessings” but instead of discussing how his religious beliefs affect his life or the perspective of the world through the eyes of religion, all we get his him preaching how great God is. Even as a man of faith, I know how great God is but for those that are not religious, they would rather hear objectivity from learning about the values that Chance has garnered through religion rather than being preached to and feeling as though Chance is trying to convert them. Unfortunately on The Big Day, Chance continues down the preachiness path.

The Big Day is not a good album. While I do admire Chance’s devotion to religion and the events that are deeply rooted in said religion, he lacks any new direction or interesting ideas on his “rookie” album. 2019 has been a down year for the A-list rappers and Chance failed to break this slump. The production ranges from sleepy and syrupy to the average and recycled trap beat. The only memorable hook on this project is on the track “Hot Shower” with some fun verses from Chance and DaBaby. Every other hook repeats the same line 5-6 times throughout the project. “The Big Day” provides some of the worst ways to describe the feelings of a wedding with Chance delivering terrible vocals and an egregious transition in flow on a comical verse. Do not even get me started on Chance bringing Shawn Mendes onto the project to give “Ballin Flossin” a radio-friendly appeal. Why rappers choose to let Nicki Minaj continue to provide features is beyond me. If there are takeaways from this project, there are that Chance needs to drop the singing and he needs to formulate new material. Otherwise, there is no more intrigue to Chance’s artistry and you can expect the same preachy pastor that he is growing into, which will only rub his listener’s further in the wrong direction.

Richest Tracks: “All Day Long”, “Hot Shower”, “Big Fish”, “Sun Come Down”

Worst Tracks: “The Big Day”, “Ballin Flossin”, “Get a Bag”

Rating: 3/10

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