Stay in your lane, Ed Sheeran

Throughout the last couple of years, music has been dealing with the toxicity of culture vultures and artists trying to adapt to new sounds that are similar to the more successful contemporaries. Most recently, DJ Khaled released the egregious, Father of Asahd, that he went on a tirade about because it did not surpass Tyler, the Creator’s glorious IGOR project. Popular artists are trending towards collaborating with other artists in an entirely separate genre from theirs to garner fans from the artists that they have worked with. Multiple pop artists have done it to Kendrick Lamar and now, their next victim of this epidemic is Travis Scott, who is featured on this Ed Sheeran collaboration album. Ed Sheeran is an artist that I have respected throughout his career up to this date. “Sing” and “Don’t” are tracks that do not feel dated and are enjoyable to any fan of music. Unfortunately, Sheeran feels as though he needs to update his sound by crossing over into the worlds of hip-hop, trap, R&B, and Latin pop. No.6 Collaborations Project brings out the worst of the worst in this feature culture that we currently live in.

The project kicks off with a bland and one-dimensional track featuring musical NyQuil, Khalid. “South of the Border” is one of the most revolting songs I have ever heard as Sheeran fetishizes and sexualizes Latin women while having two women of Latin descent on the track, Camilla Cabello and Cardi B. If people are going to let the title of track survive without criticism, then it should be perfectly fine for Sheeran to get two, African-American artists together and title the song, “Monkey Fever”. There are no differences and Sheeran should be disgusted to have generated this song. The Eminem and 50 Cent feature is the last song you would want to hear from these two if they collaborated in this era, but unfortunately, we got it. The Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, and Ella Mai collaborations are all terrible and pretentious as hell. The lack of chemistry throughout this project stands out the most minus a few tracks.

“Best Part of Me” is the music that Ed Sheeran should be making right now. Sweet on the ear, relaxing, and melodic; that is who Ed Sheeran is as an artist. “I Don’t Want Your Money” is one of the rare fantastic features with H.E.R., who is on a roll of high-quality music. The closing track “BLOW” will be the most divisive but I feel as though it hits. Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars show that they have some range outside of the country and R&B world. It is not enough to save this album and give it any credit for existing. This album should be ripped to shreds and flamed by music listeners throughout the world.

Nobody asked for this. Stick to the sound you are known for, Ed.

Richest Tracks: “Best Part of Me”, “I Don’t Want Your Money”, “BLOW”

Worst Tracks: “South of the Border”, “I Don’t Care”, “Way to Break My Heart”, “1000 Nights”, “Remember The Name”

Rating: 2/10

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