Final NBA Free Agency Predictions

Happy CHAOS Day to all of the NBA and sports fans out there waiting to see if their favorite teams can land the player that will change the franchise for years to come. Here are my predictions for the major free agents this offseason and why they fit on each team.

Kawhi Leonard – Los Angeles Clippers

– The Clippers made the playoffs and beat a healthy Golden State team twice in their first-round series without an elite player. If that is not a pitch that suffices Kawhi’s interests, then he is better off going back to Toronto in hopes to defend their NBA title. LA fits Kawhi’s style of play. They are gritty and they do their job without drama. Kawhi can lose respect from a majority of the NBA world with a move to a Laker team that already consists of LeBron and Anthony Davis. Make the correct decision, Kawhi.

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets

– It may be wishful thinking but the Clippers do have room for two maximum contracts. KD would be the perfect piece to attract Kawhi although a superstar should not be a necessity to attract Kawhi. KD will announce his signing tonight and it is up in the air on where he is going. He has been linked to the Nets, Knicks, and Warriors. Multiple franchises are going to suffer disappointment after tonight.

Update: Welp………..

Jimmy Butler – Miami Heat

– This one is practically a lock. Butler is expected to meet with the Heat right at the start of free agency and will be sent to Miami in a sign-and-trade deal. However, the Lakers are going to submit a bid for Butler and have room for one more superstar because LeBron needs as much help as possible due to the fact that he cannot be the leader of a champion.

Kemba Walker(Celtics) & Kyrie Irving(Nets)

– These are locks barring some drastic change of heart. Kemba and Kyrie get clean slates.

Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors 

– The Warriors plan on going bankrupt if they can somehow sign both Durant and Thompson. Thompson is already planning on coming back so it will be interesting to see how Durant’s decision affects any plans by Golden State’s front office.

D’Angelo Russell – Minnesota Timberwolves

– Russell will want to sign somewhere that makes him a playoff contender. Minnesota may not be that franchise but they have a much better prognosis than the Phoenix Suns. While Phoenix would be the better fit, all signs are pointing to Minnesota as Derrick Rose is expected to head to Detroit.

Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers

– Philadelphia will be able to keep one free agent as Harris should return to the 76ers for the next few years. They are going to lose Redick and Butler so they need someone who can score consistently. Ben Simmons can’t shoot and Joel Embiid needs to stay near the rim.

Al Horford – New Orleans Pelicans

– Horford is an intriguing free agent because there are so many teams that could use him. The Clippers could sign him if they do not land either Durant or Leonard. In my opinion, Horford fits perfectly with New Orleans. He is an aging big man who could provide great leadership to Zion Williamson and the young Laker outcasts.

Other notable landing spots

– Malcolm Brogdon(Phoenix Suns), DeMarcus Cousins(Los Angeles Lakers), Julius Randle(Chicago Bulls), DeAndre Jordan(Brooklyn Nets), JJ Redick(Dallas Mavericks)

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