The Tragedy of the Phoenix Suns

The warning signs were there. Greta Rogers told us all and we took her rant to the Phoenix City Council as a joke. The Phoenix Suns are an absolute disaster and the franchise is nearing a complete loss following last night’s NBA Draft. When a 90-year old has the best outlook on an entertainment enterprise that has not been entertaining for nearly a decade, that is a serious problem. Going into the draft, the Suns were in position to land a guard such as Coby White or a wing such as Jarrett Culver to help take some of the burdens off of Devin Booker, who must have a sore back from keeping Phoenix basketball relevant. Instead of getting help for Booker, Phoenix traded one of their best scorers in TJ Warren to the Indiana Pacers to clear up cap space and they traded the number six pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 11th pick and Dario Saric. Minnesota ends up selecting Jarrett Culver at six, thus meaning the Suns traded Jarrett Culver. I can’t tell you the route that Phoenix wants to go in. They are wasting away Booker’s prime by not making the necessary moves to be in a rebuilding process. The franchise has stagnated. Even the people of Phoenix hate seeing this franchise and they, for sure, do not want to finance a new arena for subpar entertainment. However, it may not be all doom and gloom yet for the Suns.

The Suns are looking at somewhere between $20-$23 million in cap space for free agency. A trade of the problematic, Josh Jackson, would bump the cap to around $28 million. Phoenix is in desperate need of a point guard to complement Booker and they could find that player in D’Angelo Russell. Russell had the best season of his career in 2018-19 and helped the Brooklyn Nets reach the playoffs. Would Russell be willing to sacrifice reaching the playoffs for the money? While adding Russell could improve the win total in Phoenix, the likelihood of a playoff run is still out of reach. As an Arizona resident for ten out of the twelve months, I can tell you that Phoenix is not a dream destination for a star NBA player. Attendance is low, Talking Stick Resort Arena is a meager professional sports home, and the city has little personality outside of its sunsets and mountainous terrain. Unless the Suns are able to sign Russell, there is no positive outlook for the upcoming season or the next few seasons. Robert Sarver and the Phoenix front office have proven to be incompetent of building an entertaining and successful franchise and if this roster does not improve fast, selling the Phoenix Suns will be a feasible option.

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