The EP is a Mess, but Lil Nas X is More Than Old Town Road

The viral music sensation of 2019, Lil Nas X has finally released his rookie project with an EP titled, 7. If your ears can take in sound, then you know the track “Old Town Road” whether it be the original or the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus. The rap-country crossover of the decade and likely to be named “Song of the Year” thanks to its massive appeal in the mainstream. Numerous fans of the song were questioning if this would be the only work we hear from Lil Nas X, but if you had been following him through social media, you knew that more music from him was on the way. Going into this EP, I was not expecting much from the artist because “Old Town Road” came off as a novelty where it was this blending of two popular genres and it played mostly for laughs and viral Internet memes. While 7 is a mess from a technical standpoint, Lil Nas X shows signs of not being a one-trick pony.

The EP begins starts and begins with the “Old Town Road” original and remix, so we are left with six tracks that show what else Lil Nas X can bring to the table. The track “Panini” definitively takes inspiration from the emo rap subgenre with a sound and mood that aspires to be Juice WRLD. The track is short, simplistic and plays as an appetizer to a project that strays away from the country influence that we heard on “Old Town Road”. If you were looking for more country-style music on this EP, this is not that project. Things take an awkward turn with the track, “F9mily (You & Me)”. One would not expect Lil Nas X to throw in some corny pop-punk instrumentals via late 1990s-early 2000s, but that is exactly what this track is and it does not work at all. Lil Nas X singing is dreadful and the mixing kills any chance of this song being listenable. “Kick It” is a disposable track that pretty much sums up what was going on while this EP was being curated. However, the next track “Rodeo” may be one of my favorite tracks of the year. This song is an absolute banger. The hook influences you to jump to the beat like you would at a rave. Cardi B delivers a feature that is finally listenable and not annoying. “Rodeo” is the can’t-miss track of the EP. The project closes with the melodic “C7osure (You Like)”. The piano instrumental in the background is a high-point but the vocals are subpar at best.

For hardcore music fans, you are most likely going to nitpick the hell out of this project so that you can call Lil Nas X a one-hit wonder. However, I am willing to give him a sophomore go at it. I do not believe that he was expecting the clout that came with “Old Town Road” and he clearly felt the pressure of releasing more music from the masses. This project was a mess, but it hints at Lil Nas X being a more versatile artist than just the trap-country novelty.

Richest Tracks: Panini, Rodeo, C7osure (You Like)

Worst Tracks: F9mily (You & Me)

Rating: 5/10

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