Richest Tracks of the Week – June 11th

Richest Tracks:

“Final Form”- Sampa the Great

– An absolute banger from the Zambian rapper and easily my favorite track of the week. Please give this a listen. Great production thanks to a blaring horn section and great drumbeat.


“U (Man Like)”- Bon Iver

– Great chorus. Love the mixing of the vocals and piano.

“The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy”- Chris Stapleton

– Look, it is no “You’ve Got a Friend of Me”, but this will definitely be THE song of the upcoming film, Toy Story 4. Chris Stapleton rocks per usual.

“Those Nights”- Bastille

– A pretty corny track but it is better than most of the mainstream pop coming out now. Definitely will get you in your feelings if you are a college student like myself.



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