A Rich Introduction

The wonderful world of sports has been at the center of my entire life. Ever since I was born, all I knew how to do watch and talk about sports. During my senior year of high school, I decided to create a sports media outlet known as “The Rich Report”. At first, I would just Tweet about certain events and cover any sport I was watching during the day, but then I joined this wonderful group of people at Northern Arizona University in the KJACK Radio department. Today, I run an Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube page, and now a website for The Rich Report and I am also the co-host for the Double Double on KJACK Radio that goes live on Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time.

My goal is to cater to every single sports fan out there. While I do a lot of coverage for the major leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, I also do a lot of coverage for motorsports, golf, tennis, MMA, boxing, and soccer. Along with sports coverage, I also do album reviews and film reviews because I enjoy the technical side of music and movies. I will categorize all my articles. If you want to view a specific category, then click on the category name that is attached to the article.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my writing and understand how passionate and dedicated I am to my work.

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