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Fun, Family Fortune and Ferraris … The life of Lapo Elkann

Blend Italian style and passion with mega wealth and a mythical family dynasty and you have yourself Italian playboy and entrepreneur Lapo elkann.

Lapo Elkann is the grandson of the late Gianni Agnelli, revered throughout Italy as the quintessential businessman and style icon. He transformed FIAT into an international powerhouse in the automotive industry and corralled such prestigious brands as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari under his control. He also owned the Juventus soccer team which is the Italian equivalent of owning the New York Yankees.

With such a pedigree it would have been easy for Lapo Elkann to sit back, party and just live the life of a playboy. However Lapo has managed to have success not only within fiat, designing the new 500, but also outside of his family’s business.  He recently launched Italia Independent a design firm that produces sunglasses and collaborated with major brands on launches such as Hublot. Adidas and soccer team Juventus. Elkann also recently opened a luxury car personalization business in Milan called Garage Italia Customs. It is here in a refurbished gas station in Milan that you can match the color of any object you can think of to your car, boat or scooter to create an amazing customized experience.

The personal side of Lapo is even more interesting as he’s a permanent fixture on every best dressed list that matters and regularly sports colorful suits while zipping around in a camouflage Ferrari. He dates models has a thriving business and has a net worth of $800 million. Life is good for Lapo Elkann.

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